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Best internet Plan for Game Lovers

Tired of your connection choking your gameplay and leaving you behind in the dust? So are we. That's why we offer some of the fastest satellite internet speeds around, with no data caps and no bandwidth throttling. You don't have to imagine what your gaming skills would be like if you weren't being held back by a poor connection anymore. Satellite Internet, Wireless Internet, Internet Service Provider

Our latency and download/upload streams make it possible to game at the highest levels. We're perfect for MMORPGs, FPSs, RTSs, MOBAs, and any other combination of letters in the alphabet. We provide services that use no cable, no DSL, and no dial-up, which means that you also won't have to worry about phone calls causing you to drop the ball at that crucial moment when you're about to win it for the team.

Watch your show

Streaming, Streamlined

Love watching movies and videos online, but hate how slow and choppy your streams can get with other wireless internet providers? Our wireless internet service has been built from the ground up to deliver high bitrate video at the speeds they were meant to be played at. It's perfect for:

  • Video conferencing.
  • Live video streams of concerts and sporting events.
  • Movies, television, and more.
  • Music and internet radio streams.

Whether you're watching adorable cat videos at 1080p on stream video sites, or you're catching up on all the shows you missed last season in an all-day marathon, your audio and video will be crystal clear.



  • Access speeds from 1 Mbps to 11 Mbps
  • Supported Features:
    • Bundled Data
    • VoIP
    • Bandwidth on Demand
    • Low cost alternative to T1
    • Wireless Redundancy
    • IP
    • Email
    • Video Services
    • and more
  • Connected to high-speed global backbone
  • Full-time Internet access
  • 20 Email accounts
  • Your domain name Web hosting
  • VPN / NAT / DHCP / IP filtering and firewall support
  • Cost effective
  • Scaleable
  • First class support by expert network support engineers
  • Routable Static IP addresses
  • Low Latency to ensure applications without unwanted time-outs
  • Robust and reliable networking
  • Fast and Simple Installation
  • 24×7 Network watch
  • Indoor/Outdoor Antenna
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Wireless Gateway
  • Telecommuter VPN
  • Rural Broadband
  • Low cost alternative to T1
  • Temporary Internet Connection
  • Redundancy
  • Point to point connection
  • Fixed Wireless Internet access eliminates the need for phone company involvement. No leased-lines or local loop charges!
  • Our access packages start at $99 per month depending on the bandwidth and speed requirements.
  • Our basic installation charge includes the actual installation and setup of the wireless equipment.
Cyberonic offers fast, high bandwidth internet services with no throttling, no caps, and no hidden fees. We provide unlimited internet access to anyone within our coverage, and have worked with thousands of homeowners, business owners, net cafes, and more to bring satellite internet to the masses.

With our mobile wireless internet plans, and our unlimited internet satellite services, there's no question that we offer some of the best connectivity on the market ¨C and some of the best prices to match.

No Bandwidth Caps ¨C Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Bandwidth for 3G and 4G.
Whether you're connecting with a wireless adapter on your desktop, or checking in with your tablet, your bandwidth will be unlimited. Have multiple devices all connecting at once? It's still unlimited. Unlimited means unlimited, with no catches.

A 10 Day Free Trial Period.
We're so confident in our satellite internet service, that we want you to give us a try for 10 days on us. If you aren't satisfied, just return the product for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping.

Absolutely No Credit Checks.
Finally, true internet for the masses! No credit checks, no hidden fees, and no fine print that could deny you service. We work with customers in every budget range to provide phenomenal mobile internet solutions that are practical and affordable.

A Convenient 6 Month Contract.
Hate year long contracts? We do too. That's why we offer a six month period where you can use our product, enjoy the internet at lightning fast speeds, and then decide to stay on with us if you're satisfied. If not, we won't tie you up in a contract you don't want, or hit you with any cancellation fees after your six months are up. We'd like to keep you as a customer thanks to our product, not our legal team.

Portability and Flexibility.
Take the internet with you, wherever you go. Our EVDO wireless technology works wherever you can get cellphone coverage.

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Want to know if we can provide coverage to your area? Have a question about our technical specs, our Evdo wireless plans, or what we can do to bring wireless internet to a rural community you live in? Contact us by phone or e-mail, and our Support Team will respond as soon as possible.

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