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The site was moved to in September 2000.
In November 2000 we acquired and integrated the InfoTooth Bluetooth site.
In January 2001 we acquired and integrated the SoftTooth Bluetooth site.
The site was extensively expanded during 2002 and continues to grow.

About Us

What Is It?
The web site is a portal for wireless technologies. Our search engine and directory covers tutorials, tools, market research, news, events, forums, products and other topics of interest to the wireless professional or newcomer.

Our Wireless Resource Centers provides a full spectrum of resources for wireless industry professionals. These include areas such as Bluetooth, WAP, 3G, i-mode, HiperLAN2, HomeRF, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15, IEEE 802.16, IrDA, Java, GPRS, GPS, SMS, SyncML, UMTS, UWB and VoiceXML.

Who Uses It?
Our visitors come from both technical and marketing backgrounds.
They are wireless industry professionals, IT professionals, product developers, end-users of mobile technology, journalists, technologists, academics and students.

How many visitors do we get?
We currently serve 140,000+ sessions and 300,000+ pages per month.
Traffic to the site has been growing by around 5% per month.

Why do people visit us?
Because we don’t search a billion pages – we search only the most useful ones.
Because we provide a range of resources for industry professionals.
Because our detailed directories cover specific (and diverse) areas including Bluetooth Design Tools, WAP Security, Wireless News, Industry Conferences, GPS Resources or SMS Tutorials.